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As Indiana’s first institution of higher learning, Vincennes University has a long history of serving the diverse populations of Indiana and beyond. Now in our third century of existence, VU remains committed to the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion for the students and communities we serve, the opportunities and outcomes we facilitate and support, the preparation of our graduates, and the talent that we attract and employ. It is through embracing these goals that Vincennes University fulfills its mission to develop people and enhance communities through accessible, high-quality educational programs, strategic partnerships, and active engagement.

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The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council is a cross-functional group of faculty, staff, and students, chaired by the President and Provost. These members serve as an advisory and working group for the coordination of the University’s DEI efforts. Guided by the University’s vision and strategic initiatives for improving organizational performance, enhancing DEI knowledge and achieving excellence at VU, the overarching goals of the Council are to develop the cultural competence and improve belongingness and inclusion for all members of the VU community.


Membership is intended to reflect the broad mission and impact on students across Vincennes University, with special emphasis on the Vincennes and Jasper campus environments. Members will be appointed to the DEI Council by the President and Provost and will serve a term of two years. Members may be appointed for a second term, but cannot serve three consecutive terms.

Dr. Sarah Alderfer

Director, Center for the Advancement of Faculty Excellence

Christian Blome

Asst. VP/Dean VU Jasper

Adam Daugherty

Chief, VUPD

Jennifer Hensley

Professor, Sociology & Social Work

Jennifer Holscher

Director, Institutional Research

Dr. Chuck Johnson

President, Co-Chair

Rowena Jubay

Project EXCEL Office Coordinator

Regina McCord-Fithian

Director, Human Resources

Jamie Neal

President, Knox County Chamber of Commerce

Dr. Ivana Peralta

Professor, Chemistry

Dr. Cynthia Ragle

Dean, Social Science, Performing Arts, & Communication

Jamie Singleton

Professor, English

Heidi Tasa

Dean, Global Diversity

Dr. Laura Treanor

Provost, Co-Chair

Angela Watson

Asst. Dean of Instruction, Early College

Daryl Henderson

Assistant Director of Admissions

Student Representative



  1. Diverse Student Recruitment
    • Goal: Ensuring that VU’s student body is reflective of the population of the state and regions that we serve
  2. Student Achievement Gap
    • Goal: Developing a culture of success for all VU students
  3. Curriculum/Student Learning about Diverse Cultures
    • Goal: Ensuring that all graduates develop global/cultural awareness and understanding
  4. Faculty and Staff Diversity
    • Goal: Ensuring that VU is attracting and retaining the best possible talent to meet the needs of the institution
    • Goal: Ensuring that VU is supportive of faculty and staff with diverse backgrounds



The Vincennes University Office of Global Diversity and Inclusion cultivates an environment where all administrators, faculty, staff, and students thrive and have a sense of belonging by working collaboratively with students, faculty, staff, and student government, and various departments to promote cultural awareness and inclusion through programs, policies, and initiatives across the university.




The office of Diverse Abilities and Accommodations at Vincennes University helps students with diverse abilities participate more fully in educational programming, benefit from an accessible environment and achieve greater academic and personal success. The promotion of student independence and self-advocacy is instrumental to our mission and remains a major tenet of our philosophy for working with all our students.